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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter Ventilation Kit – RVK Fan and 5m Ducting Hydroponics

£99.99£214.99 incl. Vat

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter and Systemair RVK Fan Kits with Ducting and Clips

Complete with a top of the range Pro Rhino filter, professional Systemair RVK fan, 5mtr of aluminum ducting, clips, power cable and plug.
Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

This range of filters provides the novice grower with a technologically sophisticated, easy to use filter system. The Rhino Hobby provides flexibility and a longer shelf life due to its unique fully reversible neck and the fact that it's filled with the highest quality carbon available.

Rhino Hobby is available in a wide variety of sizes, specifically designed for hobby growers.

Rhino Hobby filters are filled with the same high quality Australian mined RC412 carbon as the Rhino Pro range of filters.

A 30mm carbon bed is tightly packed into the airflow cylinder which makes it a highly effective at attracting and absolving the air of pollutants.

The smaller bed depth of carbon to that of the Pro filter makes it an even easier filter to handle and manage for the novice grower.

As it has the most effective carbon integrated into the filter the Rhino Hobby will last significantly longer than other filters on the market aimed at the hobby grower.

Features of Rhino Hobby Filters:

• Fully reversible neck – prolongs lifespan
• Australian mined RC412 carbon: the purest activated carbon on
  the market
• 30mm carbon bed: Rhino quality for the hobby grower
• 9-12 month lifespan

Systemic RVK Fans

RVK fans are powerful, long lasting and are capable of pulling or pushing air through ducting and carbon filters. They can be used as either intake or extraction. They come unwired but it is very easy to attach a length of flex with a three pin plug to the connection box on the side of the fan. Can be used in conjunction with a speed controller Supplied with wall mounting bracket Reliable and maintenance free Plastic casing Backward curved impellers make cleaning easy

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Airforce 2 (Iso-Max) and Rhino Pro – Fan and Filter Kit

£299.00£579.00 incl. Vat
Airforce Fan/Rhino Filter Kits