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Terpenez - Essential Oil Intensifier & Terpene Booster 1L In stock

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  • Terpenez represents a new class of horticultural products aimed at enhancing the aromatic experience associated with gardening.

  • Continuous Model: Use throughout the flowering/fruiting cycle. Ideal pH Range: 5.8 - 6.4.
    Flush Model: Ideal pH Range: 5.6 - 6.2.

  • Pro Tip: To boost the overall effectiveness of Terpenez try feeding your favorite beneficial bacteria inoculants 2 days prior to your first application of Terpenez and again 10 days later.

  • Can be used with any nutrient program or fertilizer products. Bottom line: it's an organic terpene enhancer. Boosts terpenoid profiles & increases overall aromatic effect.

  • No animal by products, chemicals or strong odors. No harmful chemical run-off or heavy metals.

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